wp-1461771630833.jpgMy name is Sarah and I am a Mum (or Mom!) to two children, and wife to one husband…couldn’t cope with any more than one!
We are from London, but moved to sunny, crazy Florida six years ago, and Southern California a year ago.
In my previous life (aka before I had children), I was a 3d Computer Character Animator. After that, I went to acting school and then I fell pregnant (yes, we fall in the UK). SO that put a pause to my career!
I homeschool our children and feel like I am always in the kitchen making food…. I am constantly on the verge of losing my mind, but I gather that’s all part of being a parent….???!!

My oldest child was diagnosed with life threatening food allergies when he was 6 months old. The next few years were some of the most challenging that we, as a new family faced. Our whole existence was shaken up (dramatic, I know, but it really was).
Fast forward nearly 8 years, and we have pretty much found our way. We rarely eat out as a family (which is definitely a bummer), but on the positive side, we have an amazing organic/non gmo diet, even though it’s still hugely restrictive. Food allergies have made us examine what we put into our bodies, and into our environment. Having allergies has connected us, and the tough times have made our family unit strong and secure.

The initial aim of starting this blog, was to share my experiences of raising a child with life threatening allergies. However,  I feel that what I have to offer does not stop there.  The food that I make is nutritious and delicious for any diet (well that’s what everyone tells me anyway… maybe they are just being polite….!)

So, not only will I discuss our experiences of raising a child with allergies, I will also share some easy to make recipes along the way, with the focus on clean healthy whole foods…. Of course I will add some naughty decadent excitement in there too….. we all need that!

And as always I hope to learn from your experiences as well…