Ok, so I came up with the idea of writing a blog about allergies and healthy food, and have been loosley writing down topics and ideas as I think of them. Realistically I was aiming for a blog launch in maybe 6 weeks time…. You know, enough time to get a logo… design… structure….articles written etc etc.. and most importantly a flattering photograph taken…

Anyway, as life will have it, that was not going to be the case.

Last night I had an email from the Local news station WPTV  (who I have been interviewed for in the past), asking me if I would be available today to shoot a piece on Kellogs’ decision to put peanut flour in some of their popular crackers (hhmmmm yeah really….. we will talk about that later..)

Whilst we were waiting for the crews arrival my husband says  “you should tell them about your blog”.

“But it’s a long way from even being ready yet” I said.

Anyway the rest is history…. Which is kinda weird, because this is all happening in one day…  SO here we are… I promise that I will get myself together, but for now this is what we have!!!! I hope that you find what I have to say, useful, informative, or something similar that makes my life worth living…..!

Allergies can be scary, especially when it comes to children, so with my new blog, I will share our journey of raising a child with life threatening allergies, and I will share recipes with you, in our quest for natural healthy whole foods.

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Thank you!