My Interview with WPTV!

Kelloggs Adds Peanut Flour To Crackers

I am grateful that so many news stations are picking up this story about Kelloggs deciding to add peanut flour to their crackers, let’s hope that some of the mainstream stations pick up on it too.

Thank you to Rachel Leitao at WPTV for interviewing us about this….



Shame on you Kelloggs

I am hoping that most people have heard the news by now, that Kelloggs are changing the ingredients in some of their popular crackers, to contain peanut flour.

Personally I think this is a ridiculous and irresponsible decision by Kelloggs….. To change a product that is a safe go to snack for many peanut allergy sufferers is beyond unfathomable.


The safety implications for this are of course very serious – there will be many that don’t check ingredients every time (although I would encourage EVERYBODY to check the ingredients of everything you purchase, even if it’s a safe food)


I don’t expect regular mass market food manufactures to cater to us (because most of them are not ethical companies), but when many of their products are marketed at children, then they really do have a responsibility towards a growing epidemic of kids with food allergies (1 in 13 children), especially when they are changing the ingredients of an existing safe product. The extra worry and vigilance is definitely something that we do not need, especially considering that these crackers are consumed everywhere… schools, sporting events etc

I truly hope that they will label these products clearly on the front….. and not just the mandatory label by the ingredients on the back. I guess time will tell, but these new peanut containing crackers are due to be on our shelves any time now.


What do you think about this change? How will it affect you? Will you boycott Kellogs? Let me know!


Please sign the petition urging Kelloggs to reverse their decision: Kelloggs Petition


These are the items that are affected by this change:

Keebler Club & Cheddar Sandwich Crackers

Keebler Cheese & Cheddar Sandwich Crackers

Keebler Pepper Jack Sandwich Crackers

Keebler Variety Pack Sandwich Crackers

Austin Cheddar Cheese Cracker Sandwiches

Austin Grilled Cheese Cracker Sandwiches 

Austin Pepper Jack Cracker Sandwiches 

Austin Variety Pack Cracker Sandwiches 


Always read the labels, and if in doubt avoid it.


FYI We avoid all Kelloggs products due to their stance on GMO’s